Thursday, 16 August 2018

10 years ago, special TV/radio tuners for computers were popular. They were in the form of boards and inserted into the PCI-slots of the PC. Then the tuner was stuck in the usual TV antenna and you can watch TV channels directly on your computer. I then, too, at work established tuner in computer, although used not as "TV", but as "radio": sitting, you work, but in the background radio turns the popular pop music.  Now computer tuners are not relevant - the Internet has developed so much that you can watch videos and listen to radio online without using extra hardware.  There are special programs-players, which collected popular TV channels and radio stations, and their broadcast is via the Internet. One such program players called ComboPlayer: 

Why watch on the Internet when there's a TV?  

Programs-players allow you to watch including those TV channels that at this point in the world does not accept the usual TV, and the image when viewed through the player is obtained without interference and distortion like "snow" and "Christmas trees".  As for Ukraine, since our leaders banned the broadcasting of Russian TV channels, people began to ask me EN masse to teach them to watch Russian TV over the Internet. These people I put the TV players and they continue to continue to watch your favorite channels.  One familiar pensioner even specifically for this purpose bought a laptop and with my help learned to use it. For a separate, of course, fee. But I'm willing to do so for free - it's my personal FAK possessed rogulev that we now have there play tricks on the top. And now it is absolutely impossible to watch Ukrainian TV channels-it is violence over the intellectual device. Well, except that the 95 quarter and its projects are still nothing...  Features of the program ComboPlayer Broadcast more than 100 TV channels, 20 of which are free Broadcast over 400 radio stations, all free Streaming video from WEB cameras 
Let's see how it works. 

Watching TV 

Open TV-channels: 
Try to look, for example, NTV. Click I... see the offer to register: 
Beyond that stage, some will not go to demand any check of anything always reduces the number of applicants. Especially not clear, here we mean paid or free registration.  
In fact, this registration is free.  After free registration, the TV broadcast was turned on: 
NTV shows well, without brakes. Other channels also work without problems.  Total free 20 channels, it is the most popular Russian channels:  NTV, Channel One, Russia 1, STS, Star, "channel-mrakobes" REN-TV and others.  Other channels(more than 100) are available only for paid subscription.  Among the paid channels there are those that I do not know: Three angels, Scream TV. There are unexpected: RZD. Perhaps a special channel for the railroad. There are intriguing: Private TV, Brazzers TV. Is that what I'm thinking? 

Listening to radio 

All radio stations are free. Let's move on to their list: 
It is stated that there are 400 radio stations from around the world, because the program has a filter in which you can set the country of broadcasting and the genre of the radio station. By default, the filter selected radio stations of all genres.  But you can choose and exotic. For example, you can listen to the popular Indonesian station Suka-Suka and join the musical preferences of the inhabitants of a distant country: 
You can have fun in this way for a long time: there are radio stations of Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, India, Nigeria, etc. 

Streaming video from WEB cameras 

Through ComboPlayer you can watch streaming video from webcam. To do this, go to the "stream" section, enter the address of the device and click " Save":  
In "Translation" so you can add multiple cameras: 
Conclusion  TV player ComboPlayer works, shows TV channels, broadcasts radio.  The program interface is simple and clear. And, if someone has issued a paid subscription, then unsubscribe, what is still shown on Private TV? 

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