Sunday, 19 August 2018

How to connect two computers

So the new year holidays have passed and now it's time to get to work. Let me start with the fact that in this article we will consider such a thing as the connection of two computers. If, for example, you have two computers at home or two laptops, or a laptop and a computer (as for me), then sometimes there is a situation that you need something to throw from one computer to another. Okay, if it's a small file, you can just use the flash drive. And if for example on one computer apiana a film or photo gallery, to throw a stick is not very convenient.  In this article, we'll look at connecting two devices using a HomeGroup. Many probably heard about it, and probably saw in your computer, and what it is not even delve. But with the help of HomeGroup in a couple of keystrokes (unless done correctly) we are going to connect my computer and laptop. Of course, provided that you have a home network, that is, a router or whatever it is called — a router and these computers are connected to it. No matter how, through a wired network or Wi-Fi.  So I have a computer and a laptop. On one of them you need to create a home group. I'll do it on the computer. And on the other we just connect to this group. You can even connect three and four devices.  So, go to the lower right corner namely in the system tray and click the right mouse button on the monitor icon  
Next, in the window that appears, open the network and sharing Center  In the window that opens, find the item "Home group" and run it  A window opens to create a Home group, click on the appropriate button 


Here we choose which folders will be open for exchange between two computers. I picked all because I there is still nothing there, as in the standard folders I don't keep info and then there is a hell, what you will find. So, set the permissions, now click the "Next" button»  In this window, the program will set a password for the group. It can be changed on your own, but it is better not to touch and write it in a safe place. It will already be when you connect the second computer to the first. In this way, the group is protected from unauthorized access and if you do not have this password then you will not be able to join this group. Click the finish button and our group is already created. Now you can join it from any other computer on the network, the main thing is to know the password.  In order to join the main computer, we also open the network and sharing Center on the laptop. If you have forgotten how to do it, swipe it above and remember. Only this time you will see a window with the "Join"button. Press it.  Here we also put a check mark on the resources that we want to open for the main computer. In General, do not warm your head, leave everything as it is and click " Next»  In the next window, we then need a password that we gave the main computer. I hope you wrote it down, if not, you will have to re-create a new password on the first computer. In General, entered the password, click next and laptop to connect to the computer  Now you need to configure access to the drives or folders that you want to share. You can open the desired drives on your computer or laptop, in General, depends on what resources you want to use together. I'll show you an example and open the computer on which the Home group is created one disk for public use. To do this, open "My computer" and right-click on the desired drive or folder, depending on what you want to share. In the opened context menu, select " properties»  Here we only need to put a tick before the inscription "Open access to this folder" and click "Ok". All, now the drive is fully open for General use. Now I can access it from my laptop and view, copy or write files to it.  Now only remains open on my laptop network, find the main computer ivot we see that the disk " E " is designated as a shared folder. In General, go there and do what you want.  Here's how you can simply connect two computers together through a home wired network or Wi-Fi.  Yes, and still (I think you have read the article until the end of). There is a small nuance. It so happens that everything seems to have done and the computers do not connect and an error is generated. It depends on what anti-virus you have installed, not even on what, and what edition of the anti-virus, with or without a firewall. If the anti-virus is with the firewall then it may not be able to pass the connection and it will need to be either disabled or added to the partner's computer exceptions. If you have this difficulty, write in the comments, with the satisfaction of help to establish a connection between the two devices (if there is time). 

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