Tuesday, 14 August 2018

How to clean the C drive in Windows 10

To Windows 10 clean up the system, also all other available drives from accumulated junk with the new feature located in the Settings app.  
For months, and possibly even years of computer, the disk on which the system is installed begins to slowly clog up outdated files caching tails deleted once long ago applications and other stuff, which directly affects the speed of the PC.  All this business needs to be cleaned from time to time, even if you have a super-modern computer with the most sophisticated "iron", not to mention the outdated models.  For that, there is a Windows 10 one cool feature appeared in the Settings. Some users believe that this is another innovation, which was invented by Microsoft, but it is not so.  In fact, everything is much easier is a familiar tool, previously called disk Cleanup, existing with Windows 98. Now just having a fresh design, it is possible to improve the algorithm and the new location. But the point remains the same: the speed of the computer.  In the article how to speed up the boot of Windows 10 has already been described about cleaning the disk, but through the Parameters still in my opinion will be more convenient, and most importantly, everything is clear.  How to clean Windows 10 from unnecessary files Well, let's check the tool to actually clean your system disk from "garbage" to do this, open the parameters ⇒ system ⇒ Storage.  As we can see the Storage shows all the available drives on our computer which can be optimized in turn. Select the system it is usually indicated by the letter C.   A window will open with all the partitions on the disk. For example, open Temporary files.  
Check all the items and click the Delete files button.  
Please note the cleaning is not made under the 0! Temporary files remain this means that you still need them and the system did not destroy them.  
Now go to the section Applications and games To remove the desired item is not click on it LMB then appear the button Delete, click it, in my case, this is a game Microsoft Solitaire Collection which will be destroyed as unnecessary!  
Also we do with each section by removing the unnecessary element in the form of a file.  Before you delete something, make sure that it is exactly unnecessary for you, especially be careful with system files.  The more convenient this tool is that it shows all the categories of files installed on a specific disk.  Such as photos, videos, music, shopping cart and others, which you may have forgotten about their uselessness. Here you can see them and remove if there is such a need.  I have today all do not forget to clean Windows 10 from unnecessary files, and other operating systems, too. 

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